Weed Mat/Landscape Fabric


Industry Category: Rubber-Plastics/Plastic-Products/Plastic-Sheets
Product Category:
Brand: KF
Spec: Customized

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The weed control mat, ground cover is made of PP woven fabric. The mat can prevent the weed from the sunshine to inhibit the photosynthesis, and consequently stopping the weed from growing without using sprays. Meanwhile, with good air permeability and bibulous advantages, it is good for the plant growth. And also with good ultraviolet radiation resistant, aging resistant and strong strength, it can be multi-used.

Shed structure: nursery shed, gardening and land cultivation:

Scope of application:  all crops

Function:  prevent the growth of grass

Lifetime:  3-5 years

Thickness of  70g-120g per square meter.

Packing: Rolls or pieces with cartons or pallet.

Industry Category Rubber-Plastics/Plastic-Products/Plastic-Sheets
Product Category
Brand: KF
Spec: Customized
Stock: 600000