5 years UV stability greenhouse film


Industry Category: Rubber-Plastics/Plastic-Products/Plastic-Sheets
Product Category:
Brand: KF
Spec: Customized

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1) All our greenhouse film are produced by five layers co-extrusion technology and high-strength special polyethylene raw materials


2) Light Transmittance : 85%--93%


3) Light Diffusion/Scattering rate: 45%-75%, Adjust appropriately according to the environment and crops


4) Anti Sulfur, Anti Mist , Anti Dust and Anti Drip additive


5) UV Resistance: 2 years,3 years, 4years, 5years according to different request.

Industry Category Rubber-Plastics/Plastic-Products/Plastic-Sheets
Product Category
Brand: KF
Spec: Customized
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