Industry Category: Chemicals/Adhesives-Sealants
Product Category:
Brand: qidi
Spec: 50*50*150

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To manufacture nylon in polyamide industry,also used as saturated polyurethand raw materials.
Used as modifying hardeners of epoxy resins,can be used in high-grade coatings or adhesives with good performance,such as high-grade polished plasric,plastic ornaments,composite material,winding body.
Used as a raw material for carbamate,electrical insulators,magnetic binder ect.
Used as amine chain extenders  for polyurethane to improve product performance.
Used as intermediates for polyimide,medicine and dye. 

Industry Category Chemicals/Adhesives-Sealants
Product Category
Brand: qidi
Spec: 50*50*150
Stock: 10000
Origin: China / Fujian / Quanzhoushi