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[Product Name] Dipotassium EDTA 2K

[Package Specification] Plastic bottle, 500g/bottle

[Performance] White crystal powder, odorless, soluble in water, easy to absorb moisture, molecular weight of 404.6, pH value of 4.8±1 (5% aqueous solution, g/ml), solubility in water ≥ 60% (g/ml, 25℃). Stable at room temperature. The main content of EDTA in our company is ≥ 99.0%. See the product test report for other indicators.  

[Scope of application]EDTA salt can protect the cellular components of the blood, does not affect the white blood cell count and size, has the least effect on the morphology of the red blood cell , and can inhibit the aggregation of platelets, which is suitable for general hematological test. Except for the isolation and examination of platelets, it is not suitable for coagulation test and platelet kinetic energy test, nor for the determination of calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, alkaline phosphatase, creatine kinase and leucine amino peptidase and PCR test.

International Committee for hematology Standardization (ICSH) recommended dipotassium EDTA as anticoagulant for blood cell count and classification. Compared with tripotassium EDTA, it has lower solubility and slower anticoagulation speed. 


The key to the preparation of the whole blood test specimen is the complete anticoagulation, so the blood must be reversed 5 ~ 8 times as soon as possible to prevent the formation of tiny blood clots. In particular, when the ambient temperature of blood collection is higher than 25℃, the mixing of blood and dipotassium EDTA must be timely and sufficient, or it may easily lead to blood coagulation or local coagulation.

The anticoagulation of EDTA salt is not irreversible, so the test should be completed within 24 hours after blood collection in EDTA anticoagulation test tube, otherwise the test result may be wrong. The preservation time of EDTA salt anticoagulant samples was 48 hours at 4 ℃ and no more than 24 hours at 23 ℃ for white blood cells counting. When used for platelet counting, it can be stored for 24 hours at 4 ℃.

Enough EDTA is needed for anticoagulation, but excessive EDTA may change the morphology of blood cells, so it is very important to control the amount of EDTA.

EDTA salt can inhibit platelet aggregation, but it can not completely prevent platelet aggregation. In the blood routine test of a few patients, platelets are lower than normal value, which may be caused by false aggregation of platelets. In this case, sodium citrate anticoagulant can be used for platelet test. This situation has nothing to do with the quality of EDTA anticoagulant, but has much to do with the patient's blood characteristics and clinical examination.

Dipotassium EDTA can be used in combination with sodium fluoride and separation gel. When dipotassium EDTA / sodium fluoride is used in combination, 1.2-2.0mg dipotassium EDTA and 2-4mg sodium fluoride can be added to each ml of blood. When dipotassium EDTA was mixed with separation gel, the dosage of dipotassium EDTA remained unchanged, and the amount of separation gel added to each tube was 0.8-1.2g. The anticoagulant effect, silicification of the tube wall, centrifugation conditions and the quality of the separation gel will affect the blood separating effect when they are used together with the separation gel. It is suggested that high quality plasma samples can be obtained by using the separation gel produced by our company.

It is suggested to use γ - ray irradiation at a dose of 8-25kgy. The irradiation dose can be determined by the initial colony number.

 [Warning and Prevention]

When dipotassium EDTA has impurities, foreign matters, abnormal smell, color, serious moisture absorption and the expiry date is exceeded, it is forbidden to use.

Do not continue to use EDTA solution when it is turbid.

This product is a chemical reagent with strong corrosiveness. It is forbidden to touch it directly. When splashing on the skin, wash with plenty of water. When splashing into eyes, wash with plenty of water immediately. In case of emergency, it should be sent to hospital for examination and treatment immediately.

[Storage Conditions] The product can be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, away from light and moisture. The aqueous solution of this product can be sealed and stored in sterile state at room temperature. It is recommended that the aqueous solution of this product should be prepared and used immediately, and not stored in solution state for a long time.

[Validity] 3 years

Desheng is an established blood test reagent company with 14 years of R&D and production experience. It has a lot of research on blood collection additives. Enterprises or individuals in need of Dipotassium EDTA can directly contact 15071057538(Wechat same number) . We look forward to your calls, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!

Industry Category Health-Medical/Animal-Veterinary/Veterinary-Medicine
Product Category
Brand: New Desheng