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Blood collection additives serum separation gel


[Product Name] Serum separation gel (radiation resistant)

[Specification] 20kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel

[Product Performance] The product is colorless and transparent colloid with light smell and no impurities; it is physiologically inert and insoluble in water, with a relative specific gravity of 1.045-1.065g/cm3, a viscosity of 100,000-300,000 centipa, and a volatile content of ≤ 1.5%. It has excellent thixotropic and isolation properties. See the product test report for other properties.

[Scope of application] This product is specially used for manufacturing disposable vacuum blood collection tube and injection blood collection tube, as a necessary materials for the storage, transmission and transfer of high-quality serum and blood samples in clinical test.


Our company's separation gel is a patented product with unique composition. Please do not mix it with other suppliers' products, so as to avoid product damage and unnecessary loss to you;

The recommended temperature range of separation gel is -20 ~ +90℃. The viscosity of this product will change greatly with the change of ambient temperature. Too low ambient temperature may cause difficulty in dispensing. It is suggested that when the ambient temperature is lower than 15 ℃, the water bath can be heated to 60-70℃, the viscosity can be reduced, and the dispensing efficiency can be improved;

When adding gel at room temperature, the phenomenon of "wire drawing" appears, which can increase the temperature of gel adding properly or break the wire by vibration;

Our separation gel is treated with high vacuum, there is almost no air in the gel. It is generally not recommended to stir in the process of transfer and gel addition, because it is easy to cause a large amount of air in the stirring process of the gel;

After adding the gel into the test tube, the plane flow distance of the gel is ≤ 5mm through the inverted test at 60℃ for more than 20 consecutive days under vacuum. It can ensure that the container will not flow more than 5mm for 20 consecutive days at 60 ℃ and will not affect the normal use of blood tube. Even so, we still suggest that during the long-term transportation, the blood tube containing the separation gel should not be inverted;

It is recommended not to touch the separation gel directly by hand. When sticking to the skin, it can be scraped off with a clean iron blade, wiped off most of the gel with a waste newspaper, cleaned with DMC, D4 and other organic solvents, or cleaned with detergent powder mixed with sawdust and detergent, and then washed with water.

Cleaning of the feeding hopper of the separation gel : Replace the separation gel from different manufacturers, or put the feeding hopper that is not used for a long time and exposed to the air, it is necessary to clean it before putting it into use again. The cleaning method is as follows: first, use a stainless steel shovel to remove the gel on the surface around the hopper, then use a brush dipped in DMC, D4 and other solvents to clean, and then use a rag dipped in solvent to wipe. The feeding pipe shall also be cleaned to prevent pollution.

[Warning and prevention]

1. When it is found that there are impurities, foreign matters, abnormal smell, abnormal color and expiration date in serum separation gel, it is forbidden to use.

2. This product is inert, safe and non-toxic.

3. This product should not be mixed with products of other manufacturers, which may cause colloid stratification, turbidity and other phenomena.

4. Above the recommended storage temperature limit may damage the quality of the gel.

[Storage conditions and methods]

Unless otherwise stated on the package label, it is generally recommended to store in a sealed manner at a temperature of 0-40℃ (32-104℉) to avoid direct exposure to air and sunlight.

[Validity] 36 months

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Industry Category Health-Medical/Animal-Veterinary/Veterinary-Medicine
Product Category
Brand: New Desheng