Ethyl Cellulose (EC)


Industry Category: Chemicals/Adhesives-Sealants
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Methyl cellulose (MC) is the most important commercial cellulose ether. It is also the simplest derivative where methoxy groups have replaced the hydroxyl groups. The most important properties of this nonionic polymer are its water solubility and its gelation when exposed to heat. Although soluble in water, films made from methyl cellulose usually retain their strength and do not become tacky when exposed to humidity. 

These water soluble polymers are excellent thickeners, binders, and film formers for a variety of applications including ceramic extrusion, adhesives, coatings, inks, and agrochemicals. Solutions of methylcellulose will reversible gel under heat to a rigid gel structure providing a controllable boost in green strength.

showed physical inertia, in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics are widely used as thickener, protective colloid, auxiliary emulsifiers, pigment, adhesive and film-forming agent tablets. Also be used for the substrate suspension or viscous eye drops, and as drug stabilizers, oral laxative, gargle Contact lens wetting solution and the cornea of the main raw material, also used as a reinforcing material. Preparation of methyl cellulose sustained-release hydrophilic matrix agents, microporous film or multilayer coating film release formulations.

Industry Category Chemicals/Adhesives-Sealants
Product Category