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YiBaTe group established in 2016 which is a whole industry chain-type camel

milk enterprise contains camel breeding,dairy research,development,production, processing and sales.

YiBaTe has always been focusing on providing high-quality camel dairy products for the Chinese people.Its milk sources all come from the Ili grassland in Xinjiang,which is known as the "golden milk source belt".

YiBaTe always strictly implement the ISO9001-2016 international quality system standards from milk source base planning,camel farm management,acceptance of raw milk to the whole process of production,transportation and sales.To ensure product quality and safety,we strictly comply with the production specifications of dairy enterprises,implement HACCP management to let people all over the world drink a cup of healthy camel milk.

YiBaTe is the first company to introduce two Danish dairy production processes and build a fully enclosed automatic milk powder production line in strict accordance with GMP standards.

We are looking for long-term strategic partners who have clear and consistent goals with us.Acting solely as agent for camel milk powder products in the international market.

Sincerely hope we can have a chance to cooperate with you and win together.

We look forward to your joining!

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Room 501-505 ,Block B,Saigao Block, Fengcheng 5th Road, ETDZ,Shaanxi Province,China

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