100% Pure Camel Milk Powder


Industry Category: Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category:
Spec: 330g

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Product Name:100% Pure Camel Milk Powder

Material: Raw camel milk

Origin: Xinjiang,China

Brand Name: EASTBART

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Packing: 330g(11.64 Oz)/Tin

Age Group:Over 3 years old

Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Standard Code:DBS 65/014

Food Production License No.: SC10565402100210

Serving method:

Dissolve 0.35 Oz (10g,about 2 tablespoon) of milk powder into the 60-80ml warm water(the temperature should be around 131℉(55℃)), stir well and drink it. It is recommended to drink once or twice a day.

Property: FREE Grazing, Protein Enriched, Bactrian Camel.

         100%NATURE, 100% SCIENTIFIC,100% FRESH

Product Description:

Pure camel milk powder is made of fresh camel milk from Ili steppe in Xinjiang and is produced by advanced low temperature sterilization and modern drying technology.

The product retains the rich nutrients in fresh camel milk and the special active substances in camel milk.


Product Characteristics: No added material elements, all nutrients in pure camel milk are completely retained, only removal of water and some fat. It is produced by advanced technology.


The pure camel milk contains insulin-like factor and immunoglobulin, small molecules of camel milk, easy to digest, easy to absorb, supplement a variety of nutrients, active immunoglobulin to give stronger protection. One liter of camel milk contains 52 units of insulin-like factor.


Advantages(compare with cow milk):

The vitamin C content of 100ml camel milk and the same amount of cow milk is 3.8mg and 1.0mg respectively;

A liter of camel milk contains 52 units of insulin,while the equivalent amount of cow's milk contains just 0.016 units.

Camel milk contains 18 essential amino acids.

In addition,the protein and calcium content of camel milk were higher than cow milk,but the fat content was lower than cow milk.

Camel milk is rich in lactoferrin and lysozyme,these two bactericidal substances that strengthen the body's immune system.

Industry Category Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category
Spec: 330g
Stock: 999