Camel Colostrum Formula Milk Powder


Industry Category: Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category:
Spec: 310g

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Product Name: Camel Colostrum Formula Milk Powder

Material: Colostrum

Origin: Xinjiang,China

Brand Name: EASTBART

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Packing: 310g(10.94 Oz)/Tin

Age Group:Over 3 years old

Suitable for: Health-Conscious Individuals,Pregnant,Recovering from serious illness,Postpartum recovery

Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Serving method:

Dissolve 0.35 Oz (10g,about 2 spoon) of milk powder into the 60-80ml warm water(the temperature should be around 131℉(55℃)), stir well and drink.It is recommended to drink once or twice a day.


Product Description:

Camel colostrum formula milk powder is selected from female camels in Ili, Xinjiang within seven days of giving birth as the main raw material milk. Scientific addition of appropriate auxiliary materials and using advanced technology.The product contains rich nutrients and unique active substances in camel colostrum, which is 5 times that of the later milk source.


Product characteristics: Colostrum can make the young camels generate natural antibodies against foreign viruses and bacteria under the harsh natural conditions of the desert. The product is rich in nutrients and active substances unique to camel colostrum, which is five times higher than later milk sources. Camel colostrum is the milk secreted by the female camel within 7 days after calving, and this milk is provided to the newborn camel babies in the harsh desert conditions. Contains precious active immunoglobulins to promote calcium absorption, supplemented with active ingredients such as lactoferrin transfer protein, P450 detoxifying protease and lysozyme; specially added with inulin to help with vitamins.

Industry Category Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category
Spec: 310g
Stock: 999