Organic Pure Camel Milk Powder


Industry Category: Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
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Spec: 310g

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Organic Pure Camel Milk Powder

Product Description:

Yibate Organic Pure Camel Milk Powder takes a approach with no additive and 100% pure camel milk, Yibate has been awarded China Organic Certification with strict organic standards.

Specification:320g/11.2Oz (20g*16 sachets)

Shelf life:24 months

Ingredients:raw camel milk

Place of origin: Xinjiang

Suitable for people: Over 3 years old

Serving method:Dissolve 0.35 Oz (10g,about 2 spoon) of milk powder into the 60-80ml warm water(the temperature should be around 131℉(55℃)), stir well and drink.It is recommended to drink once or twice a day.

Technical support: Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Xinjiang Shihezi University, Xinjiang Academy of Agriculture and Reclamation Camel Dairy Products Research and Development Center

Storage conditions: This product is suitable for storage in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture absorption or foreign objects. Please do not put in the refrigerator and high temperature and humid environment, so as not to affect the quality of the product.


Three main configurations in the field of camel milk :

1.The "Golden Origin". Yibate factory which is located in the Golden Milk Belt at 47°N latitude to provide organic nutrition for camels,where rich in grasses and shrubs such as poke weed, rooibos, hyacinth, cistanches and sea buck thorn,etc.

2. Preferred Camels. The Bactrian camel is known as the golden camel, and the camel milk production is called a rare treasure. Yibate is striving for perfection by selecting 1/10000 organic bactrian camel milk source.

3. Advanced Technology. In order to retain the maximum possible nutrients and biomass activity in camel milk, Yibate Organic Pure Camel Milk Powder adopts low temperature pasteurization process and low temperature spray drying technology, the product has more than 20 kinds of native nutrients, including 18 kinds of amino acids, as well as native high calcium and high protein.


The launch of Yibate organic pure camel milk powder will provide consumers with a new nutritional choice; it will also become a benchmark for the industry to refer to and learn.

Yibate Group is based on the model of "ecological standard breeding, safe and clean milk extraction, fast cold chain transportation" to break the intermediate link between the dairy station and the workshop to effectively achieve freshness, safety, purity and high quality.

Industry Category Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category
Spec: 310g
Stock: 999