Whole Camel Milk Powder


Industry Category: Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category:
Spec: 310g

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Product Name: Whole Camel Milk Powder

Material: Raw camel milk

Origin: Xinjiang,China

Brand Name: EASTBART

Shelf Life:24 Months

Packing: 25KG(881.8 Oz)/bag

Age Group:Over 3 years old

Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Suitable for:

Health-Conscious Individuals,Autistic Individuals,Diabetics,Lactose Intolerant

Product Description:

Whole camel milk powder is made of fresh camel milk from Yilike steppe in Xinjiang and is produced by advanced technology.The product retains the rich  nutrients in fresh camel milk and the special active substances in camel milk.

We have 115000 acres of high-quality camel free-range breeding base with natural breeding environment, adopt the original ecological free-range grazing mode, and nutritious herbal food to achievements of YiBaTe high-quality camel milk source.The number of camels farmed by our group accounts for one-third of the total number of camels in our country. 

Industry Category Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category
Spec: 310g
Stock: 999