Children Camel Milk Powder


Industry Category: Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category:
Spec: 300g

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Product Name: Children Camel Milk Powder

Packing: 300g(10.28Oz), contains 15g*20sachets

Brand Name: EASTBART

Suitable for people: over 3 yeas old, children and adolescents in the formative years, calcium, intellectual development, brain fitness and educational

Shelf life:24 months

Serving method:It is recommended to drink once or twice a day,1 bag each time. Dissolve in 6-8 times warm water, taste self-adjustment.

Product Description: This product is made from the raw milk of free-range bactrian camels from the unpolluted grasslands of Ili Prefecture, Xinjiang, with the scientific and reasonable addition of prebiotics, flaxseed oil (containing Ω-3 fatty acid series), phosphatidylserine, probiotics, complex vitamins and complex minerals, refined by modern low-temperature sterilization and drying process. The product contains not only the nutritional components of camel milk, but also the nutritional components of prebiotics, phosphatidylserine, Ω-3 fatty acid series and highly active probiotic flora, and has a rich and pure taste.

The children camel milk powder features: children camel milk specially developed for children aged 3-16 years old, Allergen-free, it can promote the development of balanced nutrition of babies. Independent sealed sachet, more suitable for baby's drinking habits.

Industry Category Food-Beverage/Dairy-Products/Milk-Powder
Product Category
Spec: 300g
Stock: 999