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Food & Beverage/Alcoholic Beverage/Wine

Be confused and drunk

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Food & Beverage/Alcoholic Beverage/Wine

Confused and wise

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Food & Beverage/Alcoholic Beverage/Wine

Stupid and drunken

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Food & Beverage/Alcoholic Beverage/Wine

Dopsyl alcohol excellent

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General business items are: stationery supplies, labor insurance supplies, cement, glass, building materials, wood, primary agricultural products, chemical products sales. Sales of wires, cables, furniture, lamps, decorations, ceramics, lighting; Research and development, sales and related technical consultation of automotive supplies, fire supplies and labor insurance products; The sale of electronic products. Import and export trade. (Except for items prohibited by laws, administrative regulations and decisions of The State Council, restricted items must be licensed before they can be operated), the licensed items are: sales of bottled water, tea, tobacco and alcohol, coal, grain and oil; Engaging in tobacco retail business; Food sales (pre-packaged food only). (For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments, and specific business projects shall be subject to approval documents or license certificates of relevant departments)

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