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Xiamen Yuan Jingtai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded on 21 December 2016, with its registered office located at Gate 1, No. 935, West Second Road, Jinyuan, Jimei District, Xiamen, and its legal representative is Lan Ruihua. The scope of business includes automotive parts and accessories manufacturing; metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing; slide and projection equipment manufacturing; non-ferrous metal alloy manufacturing; non-ferrous metal casting; metal cutting machine tools manufacturing; metal forming machine tools manufacturing; foundry machinery manufacturing; metal cutting and welding equipment manufacturing; machine tool accessories manufacturing; other metal processing machinery manufacturing; hydraulic and pneumatic power machinery and components manufacturing; camera and Equipment Manufacturing; Repair of Metal Products; Wholesale of Automobile Parts and Accessories; Wholesale of Hardware Products; Wholesale of Electrical Equipment; Wholesale of Other Mechanical Equipment and Electronic Products; Wholesale of Building Materials; Wholesale of Petroleum Products (Excluding Refined Petroleum Products, Hazardous Chemicals and Monitored Chemicals); Retail of Automobile Parts and Accessories; Retail of Computers, Software and Auxiliary Equipments; Retail of Other Electronic Products; Retail of Hardware; Retail of Other Indoor Decoration Materials

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Gate 1, No.935, West 2nd Road, Jinyuan, Jimei District, Xiamen, China

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Phone: 13606916085


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lan ruihua
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