Pallet Rack System Heavy Duty Shelving

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Industry Category: Transportation/Storage-equipment/Silo-other-storage-equipment
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Selective Pallet Racking is a flexible Industrial Racking system that is ideal for warehouses that have both fixed and variable storage requirements. In Selective Pallet racking, Our horizontal load beams are held in place by connectors, with the pallets resting on these beams. 



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 These beam levels of Selective Pallet Racking can be easily adjusted to fit the various load and recommended pallet sizes. Working aisles, as well as the height of our racks, are designed based on the Material Handling Equipment's features, pallet sizes, and warehouse height. Our framework ensures that every pallet has convenient and unrestricted access at all times, ensuring maximum accessibility.

Industry Category Transportation/Storage-equipment/Silo-other-storage-equipment
Product Category
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