grooved end butterfly valve

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Industry Category: Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Valves
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Size Inches: 2"-6" Nominal Pressure (PSI): 200 Seal testing pressure (PSI): 220 Shell testing pressure (PSI): 300 Working temperature: -10 to 80 degree Celsius Suitable Medium: oil、gas、water、sewage. construction features: Disc O-ring butterfly valve in one-piece body replaceable O-ring on disc; Choice of O-ring elastomers for different operating temperature and environments; Cast iron nickel plated body standard; Aluminium bronze or nickel plated ductile iron disc options; Large diameter stem on all size provides superior strength; Maximum disc diameter for each valve size, that has a greater free-flow area than the others; Open and close detent latching handle and padlock capabilities standard.

Industry Category Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Valves
Product Category