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The company has cooperated with ShandongUniversityand other colleges in research and development on various specifications of metal abrasive for many years. In 2014 the company successfully developed ultra-fine steel shot (0.1mm, 0.2mm), overcame the technical difficulties that it can not produce ultra-fine steel shot by traditional process.

Product features:

Small steel shot is used in rusting and paint pre-treatment of precision casting, forging, heat treatment piece, steel plates, steel pipes, section and steel structures , Surface polishing cleaning and shot peening, forgings, heat-treated pieces, aluminum alloy, copper alloy castings, steel plates, strip steel, steel pipe, steel wire, tool surface derusting blasting cleaning, plating pretreatment and shot peening as well.

Secondary quenching steel shot and grit.

The secondary hardening is hardening again, steel shot after a quenching centrifugal again hardening is called secondary hardening.


after the secondary hardening The microstructure of the steel shot or grit  will be more dense, it significantly inhibited the deviation of c element in steel shot and steel grit, make our products more excellent elasticity, low breakage, low dust, clean speed and low consumption.

Service life: after the secondary hardening, the owen life of steel shot or steel grit is 1.3 times of the common cast steel shot.

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