24vdc to 230vac pure sine wave off grid micro inverter solar for home


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Model: 300W 500W 700W 800W 1000W 1200W
Rated power:  300W 500W 700W 800W 1000W 1200W
Peak power:  600W 1000W 1400W 1600W 2000W 2400W
AC input voltage range:  70V-135VAC(110VAC/120VAC)
140V-275VAC(220VAC / 230VAC )
Input frequency range: 45-65HZ
Battery voltage: 12VDC /24VDC
DC voltage: 12VDC:10.5-15VDC/ 24VDC:21-30VDC
Battery undervoltage alarm: 10.5VDC /21VDC
Battery undervoltage protection:  10VDC /20VDC
Battery overvoltage protection:  17V±0.5V /34V±0.5V
Voltage overvoltage alarm: 15V-16VDC/30V-32VDC
Overload protection:  Rated power of 110% or more
Temperature protection: ≥85 ℃ alarm, ≥90 ℃ off the machine
Inverter output voltage: 110VAC/120VAC/ 220VAC/230VAC ±2%
Inverter output frequency: 50/60HZ±10%
Inverter output waveform: pure sine wave
AC output voltage range: AVR output 110VAC/120VAC/ 220VAC/230VAC±10%
AC output voltage range: Automatic tracking
Conversion time:  ≤5ms
Cooling method: Intelligent fan control, ≤42 ℃ fan slow working , ≥45 ℃ fan
high working .
AC Charging current: 15A
Working mode selection: Free to choose(SET)
01: AC priority/Citypower priority:
When city power is available, the inverter will work AC
output, city power will supply power to appliances.The city
power charges power to battery. When city power failed, will
use battery power to take the appliances.
02: energy saving mode
load power ≤10% off the machine, ≥11% -100% turn on
03: Battery priority
When it have has battery power, battery supply power to the
appliances. When battery voltage ≤10.5V, inverter will
automatic use city power to take the appliances, When
battery voltage reach 13V inverter will use use battery power

EP1800 Series High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter 


This is a pure sine wave inverter with AC charge and solar controller, LCD display offer users-configurable and clear data . Easy-to-operate button operation such as battery or city power priority, battery voltage, load ,Input and output voltage query. It can use for solar power system , light, radio, DVD, TV set and the other house appliance


Rated power 300W to 1200W

Pure sine wave output

AC Charging current 15A

High-low voltage protection

Against overload, short-circuit Protection

Battery reverse connection, over voltage

Under-voltage and over-temperature protection

Selectable battery priority or utility priority

Have UPS function and 15A AC charge

Industry Category Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Power-Supplies/Other-Power-Supplies
Product Category
Brand: OEM