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This bulk ankle socks are designed by a man for his lovely girl and is a symbol of sincere love.

They are made of bamboo fiber, so these socks breathable enough to help you say the odor, but also gives you a silky touch.

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The bamboo seamless ankle socks are designed for women. Comfort, fashion, light ventilation. These socks are necessary for any female wardrobe. These socks are not only very elegant, neutral and soft color matching, but also very comfortable. These socks touch the feet as far as possible with seamless technology and other functions.

If you are looking for a sock, not only do you have the elegance of the shoes, but they are also comfortable, and then look at them again. More importantly, these socks can be the perfect gift for men to show their love to women.

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Industry Category Baby-Children-s-Products/Baby-Children-s-Footwear
Product Category