Aluminium pivoting desk fan motor full copper coiling motor

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Industry Category: Home-Appliances/Home-Appliance-Parts/Fan-Parts
Product Category:
Brand: HC
Spec: Aluminium pivoting desk fan motor

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Model     Aluminium pivoting desk fan motor

Type   Capacitor start asynchronous motor

Voltage    AC 100V, 110V, 220 to 240V

Phase       Single phase

Speed       1400 rpm

Life time  Over 20,000 hours

Coil material    Full copper or full aluminium

Housing material     Iron or aluminium

Temperature rise     Less tnan 70K

Insulation         E

Out put power Customized

Certificates      CCC, CE, RoHS

Noise        Low noise

Stator size        Regular size: 71*12mm, 71*20mm, 74*10mm, 74*16mm, 78*12mm, 78*16mm, 79*16mm

Other sizes could be customized

Capacity  Standard 1.0 to 4.0 μF, could be customized

Application       Stan fan, desk fan, wall fan, box fan, tower fan, oscillating fan, air condition cooling fan

Industry Category Home-Appliances/Home-Appliance-Parts/Fan-Parts
Product Category
Brand: HC
Spec: Aluminium pivoting desk fan motor