[GD]Z066B Massage chair coin validator selector acceptor


Industry Category: Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Switches/Time-Switches
Product Category:
Brand: Gondu
Spec: Massage chair coin validator

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  22 years long history model,{coin-validator dot Com}, Elite model.     Anti-false coin.anti-string,anti-jam,anti-fishing.support large coin,thick coin,small coin.stable performance,accurately recognize.smoothly deposit)   Apply to: vending machine.wash machine.game machine.shoe cleaning machine.TV.Massage chair.petrol filling station .automatic battery recharge.PC.etc.                                    Specifications
  .Rating voltage: DC+12V with 20 percent discrepancy   .Stand by Current: 50mA-55mA   .Operating Current: 310mA-340mA   .Accepted coin diameter: 18mm-32mm   .Accepted coin thickness: 1.2mm-3.0mm   .Size per unit: W14 x D6.5 x H12.5(mm)   .Net weight: 0.38kgs   .Packing: 50 pcs/case   .Per case: 17.86 kgs   .Size per case: W745 x D352 x H275(mm)                            Specifications
1.Remove the yellow plastic sample coin from the clamp & repace the coin to the clamp.
2. Choose N.O/ N.C in coordination with the machine specification.
3. VR turning for sensitivity of coin acceptance: turn clockwise (+)for strict coin selecting: anti-clockwise(-)for slack.
4. Wiring diagram
2)Black line       GND
3)White line       coin signal & coin counter
4)Red line         DC+12V

Industry Category Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Switches/Time-Switches
Product Category
Brand: Gondu
Spec: Massage chair coin validator