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1). Permanent makeup tattoo needle kit was made of 12 needle wires.Unique in form,and accord with the principle of bionics. 2). The manual permanent makeup needle tips is sharp,easy to cut skin and
It can fit different size of blades: #7 , #12 , #14 , #17, and U shape needle. New needle holder for the manual method. This tattoo manual pen is very pop in USA ! 1) Don't need the power to do ta
12 Colors can option: Black, Black Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Brown, Green Brown, Taupe, Skin, White, Maroon, Dark ASH Brown, Ash Brown.
LUSHCOLOR Micro Pigment have 38 colors: 9937 BLACK BROWN, 9938 BRUNET BROWN, 8946 STRAWBERRY, 8948 PLUMP RED,9134 KISS ME, 828 DREAM BROWN, 9905 DEEP BROWN, 9156 CHOCOLATE, 9157 DARK BRO
TKL Five-speed Electronic Governor permanent makeup machine includes: * 1 piece of make-up machine * Practice needles (Length: 49 mm, 10 pcs of Single Needles and 2 pcs of Three round Needles) *
1 piece make-up machine Practice needles (75mm long, 10 pcs Single Needles and 2 pcs Three round Needles) 5 pcs needle tips for 1-3 needle 1 piece ink cup 4 pcs disposable chamber 1 piece Po