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Rosupak Expo 2011
  • città:
  • Moscow
  • organizzatori principali:
  • MVK ?International Exhibition Company, JSC.
  • organizzatori di assistenza:
  • Sostenitore:
  • esposizione:
  • Crocus Expo
  • Mostra Data:
  • 2011-06-14 - 2011-06-18
  • data di pubblicazione:
  • indirizzo:
  • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia



  Rosupak Expo will be concerned with exhibition of packing machinery and technologies; equipment for packaging production; Warehousing, materials handling equipment and logistics, for all industries. The event will invite a large number of exhibitors and visitors from the packaging industry. There will be one more exhibition named as Logistics and Warehouse? 5-th International Specialized Exhibition for Logistics, technology, equipment and technology for the warehouse. The event will be a wonderful platform to establish new business contacts, strengthen existing partnerships and expand the customer database of the company. Rosupak Expo will enable obtaining new information on the status of the Russian and global packaging market and industry development trends in the world.


  Rosupak Expo will include participation of a large number of exhibitors from all around the world. The 25% of the participants at the event will include foreign companies representing numerous countries from all around the world. The various participants will belong to countries like Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, France, Turkey, Japan, China, Taiwan and others. The exhibiting products will include Ready-made Packagings, Measuring Tools and Devices, Material handling, Handling Machines & Equipment, Material Handling Systems, Warehousing Devices, Machines & Equipment, Storing Systems, Transportation, shipping, etc.

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